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 Valve Series >> Ball Valve >> 3PC-Forged-Steel-Ball-Valve-K001

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Standards Compliance

1. Design and manufacture conform to BS5351 MSS SP-118;
2. Connection ends conform to:
     1) Scoket welded ends conform to ANSI B16.11; JB/T1751
     2) Screw ends conform to ANSI B1.20.1; JB/T7306
     3) Butt-welded ends conform to ANSI B16.25; JB/T12224
     4) Flanged ends conform to ANSI B16.5; JB793. Test and inspection conform to: API 598; GB/T13927; JB/T9092
4. Structure features: Bolted bonnet; three-piece;
5. Materials conform to ANSI/ASTM;
6. Main materials: A105; LF2; F5; F11; F22; 304(L);316(L); F347;
                             F321; F51; Monel; 20Alloy.













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