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 Metal Pipe Parts >> Sell Quick Connect Coupling(KSB Series)-N002

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1.  Large flow areas machined into the body of the coupler and nipple facilitate flow around the valve,for a high flow capacity.
2.  Positive valve stop.The perch maintains valve alignment and provides metal to metal valve stop to ensure that the valves open fully,every time.
3.  Captive valve seal assures"bubble tight"poppet sealing.The valve seal is positively captured by the metal poppet to minimize seal washout or damage from high velocity fluid.
4.  Hardened nipples and sleeves(steel) and solid barstock construction make for a quality coupling with maximum resistance to damage from hydraulic and mechanical shock.
5.  The seal is designed to withstand high pressures and provide reliable sealing.A wide selection of optional seal materials are available.Steel versions feature PTFE back-up rings that support mating seals for high pressure applications.Brass couplers have a double O-ring seal for redundancy in low pressure,vacuum and steam applications.
6.  Durable ball-locking mechanism assures reliable connection every time.A large number of locking balls distributes the work load evenly while providing alignment and swiveling action to reduce hose torque and prolong hose life.
7.  Manufactured from brass,steel and stainless steel as standard materials.A wide range of seals allow these couplings to be used with a broad range of media.
8.  Also available with a Straight Thread(ORB) end configuration available as standard.
9.  Industrial Standard:KSB Series couplings comply with ISO 7241,Series B standard.
KSB Series general purpose couplings,are used across the spectrum of hydraulic applications.These Double Shut-off couplings can be found anywhere that fluid transfer lines need to be connected and disconnected for operation or maintenance of equipment,and a loss of fluid is undesirable.Primarily used with hydraulic fluid,general purpose Double Shut-off couplings are also used with chemicals,water,steam,and some gases.

Special Order Information
KSB series couplings are available in zinc plated steel,brass,304 stainless steel,and 316 stainless steel.Brass couplings have double O-ring seals and stainless locking balls.
Standard seal material is Nitrile;optional seal materials are available.


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